An account of what Onision is like BEHIND CLOSED DOORS directly from his EX GIRLFRIEND who many of suspected was abused emotionally by him.

Reading this… I believe every word, I can imagine him doing it ALL.

I didn’t even like Shiloh that much, but reading this hurts my heart and to think this piece of shit guy has had no form of punishment for his actions.

edit: ANYONE who thinks “Oh she could be lying” ask yourself this SIMPLE question.

If she was lying SURELY she would have said something far “worse”. She would have said he beat her and raped her and whatnot.

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    Dude you need to chill. I’m not going to change your mind and your not going to change mine. I don’t see why you care...
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    There are multiple eyewitness accounts of his deplorable behavior that all seem to line up perfectly, so that’s all a...
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    If you only watch him in videos, you don’t know him. If you’ve never been in his home, you don’t know him. People lie.
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